Places that Matter

Shape Properties Corp. recognizes that in today’s society people are seeking destinations that not only meet their practical needs, but are authentic, full of energy and that add value to their lives. Guided by its philosophy to create a dramatically different offering and focused on providing an enhanced client experience, Shape is taking things in a new direction by creating places that will refresh the shopping centre experience, as well as our sense of community and its gathering places. Shape’s commercial developments are not just about providing consumers with access to retail, but Making Places that Matter, lifestyle shopping destinations and mixed use projects that are set on:

Innovative Design and Development 

Having seen successful retail-led community revival internationally Shape is taking a strategic approach when working with its' municipal partners to create inspiring commercial areas and town centres that create a strong connection to the communities they serve by:

  • Using key factors such as local culture, geography and weather to create engaging, multimodal, walkable, urban style projects that encourage pedestrian activity on-site and promote cyclist and transit access
  • Including aesthetically appealing features like contemporary architecture, vibrant streetscape, exciting retailers, hidden parking, and attractive landscaping

The Environment

Shape strives to create as small an environmental footprint as possible. The same key factors driving Shape design are also influencing Shape's perspective on sustainability and environmental impact:

  • Efficient land use is one of the most significant initiatives that can be undertaken. Shape is leading the retail industry in developing densified urban and suburban retail projects that function well and provide quality of life and experience
  • Transit hub and pedestrian friendly focused design that encourages green transportation within and to Shape’s properties is fundamental to Shape’s environmental plan
  • Shape strives to implement sustainable design and environmental standards consistent with industry best practices including incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) concepts and practices into projects

The Community

Shape is dedicated to contributing to the vibrancy of the communities it operates in by:

  • Providing quality of place with attractive architecture and design, outstanding tenant mix, new and exciting gathering places, and exceptional property operations
  • Working closely with its municipal partners to create projects that are relevant to the communities they are located in, to bring about economic vitality and work with and enhance community plans that municipal authorities and community members want to see in effect

The resolve that Shape applies to all facets of its business model, combined with a passionate team, sets Shape apart. Their forward thinking and value based approach attracts progressive retailers, a following of likeminded partners, and ultimately, many loyal customers, who all collaborate and contribute to Making Places that Matter.